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CFC Ministries International

          “Healing Hurting People/Restoring Hope/

                      Building Strong Believers”

What We Believe

CFC is based on the beliefs:

THAT God's Word is final authority. (John 17:17)

THAT God loves us as His children and has made provision for every area of our lives.

THAT He is a Covenant keeping God, and that He has made a Covenant with us through Jesus Christ

           the Anointed One. (Deuteronomy 7:9, Hebrews 8:8-13, Mark 14:24 Amplified)

THAT He has offered us Forgiveness of Sin, Redemption and Eternal Life through Jesus Christ the

           Anointed One, Our Lord and Savior. (Ephesians 1:7, John 3:16)

THAT we can receive Forgiveness of Sin, Redemption and Eternal Life by Receiving Jesus as our

           Lord and Savior, by believing in our hearts that He gave Himself as a sacrifice for our sins by

           dying on the cross, paying the price for our sins, and that God raised Him from the dead,

           providing a way back into fellowship and right standing with God, our Father. And that by

           confessing with our mouths that Jesus is Lord, we shall be saved, or Born Again.

           (Romans 10:9-10, Acts 3:15, Hebrews 4:16)

THAT in Redemption, all has been provided for us that pertains to both Life and Godliness, Spirit,

           Soul and Body. (2-Peter 1:3)

THAT in Redemption, Healing and Divine Health are provided for. (Galatians 3:13)

THAT in Redemption, not only is provision made for our needs, but that as we delight ourselves

           greatly in the Lord, we can also receive the desires of our hearts. (Psalms 37:4)

THAT Jesus commanded His disciples to go and wait in Jerusalem for the outpouring of the Holy

           Spirit that God had promised. And that on the Day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit was poured

           out, Baptizing the disciples in the Holy Spirit just as Jesus said. (Luke 24:49, Acts 2:1-4)

THAT at the outpouring or Baptism of the Holy Spirit there was an evidence given called Speaking

            in Tongues (a Heavenly language). And that Speaking in Tongues, a heavenly Prayer

            Language, along with the other Gifts of The Spirit are available to Believers today, who will

            ask for it. (Acts 2:1-4, 1-Corinthians 12:1-11, 14:2, 14:4-5,13,15,18,22)

THAT we are commanded by the Word of God to separate ourselves as Holy unto the Lord, by living

            a life of Righteousness and Holiness in Jesus. (2-Corinthians 6:17, 1-Peter 1:16)

THAT we are to look forward to the Blessed Hope of Jesus' soon return, to receive us to Himself in

           the event called the "Rapture" or "catching away" of the saints (the Church), to be with the

           Lord. (1-Thessalonians 4:14-17)

THAT until the Rapture of the Church, the Believers, are to assemble together in fellowship, worship

           and ministry, on a regular basis. (Hebrews 10:24-25 Amplified)

THAT we are to support the work of God through the local Church, by giving Tithes and Offerings.

           And by these two things we set in motion Spiritual Laws (sowing and reaping), that will in

           turn bring back multiplied blessings of provision into our lives.

           (Malachi 3:10-11, Mark 10:29-30 Amp., Luke 6:38, Philippians 4:15-17)

THAT after Jesus returns and takes the Church out of the earth, there will be a Great tribulation

           period, that will last for seven years, when the anti-christ, the false prophet and the beast will

           move to destroy Israel and anyone else that won't bow down to the anti-christ. This will be a

           time of judgments being poured out upon the unrighteous. (Matthew 24, Revelation)

THAT at the end of the seven years Great Tribulation period, Jesus will return to put a stop to the

           work of death and destruction by the anti-christ, the false prophet and the beast, and set up His

           Righteous Kingdom on the earth, and we Believers shall rule and reign with Him for a

           thousand years, before the Final White Throne Judgment. (2-Thessolonians 2:1,

           1-Thessolonians 4:16-19)

THAT at the end of the thousand year reign of Jesus on the earth, there will be the Great White

           Throne Judgment where the ungodly will be judged and cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity,

           along with Hell, the anti-Christ, the False Prophet and the Beast. And the righteous will live

           with our Heavenly Father and Jesus throughout eternity. There will be no more pain, sorrow or


We would welcome the opportunity to meet you and share with you the great things that The Lord has done, and is doing today.

CONTACT #: 818-347-6552