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CFC Ministries International

          “Healing Hurting People/Restoring Hope/

                      Building Strong Believers”

About Our Pastors

Senior Pastors Bill & Mary Emmons

Pastor Bill is a third generation minister, beginning with his Grandmother who founded and Pastored Sunlight Mission in Venice Beach, California. Then his mother who ministered all her adult life in music and Worship, throughout California.

Pastor Bill began ministering while still a teenager, as a Youth Leader in two different Churches. Then in 1973 God called Pastor Bill in an undeniable way, by an audible voice, to full time ministry.

In 1977 God spoke to Pastor Bill for the second time in an audible voice, and called him and his wife Mary, to Pastor a small group of believers that had begun as a home Bible study in Porter Ranch, in the San Fernando Valley, California.

Over the next few years, the Church began to grow eventually to two services on Sundays, ministering to approximately a thousand people a week. During the years since its beginning, the Church has undergone many changes, and numbers in attendance have varied widely from those early days when it was the only Word Of Faith Church in the Valley. Currently CFC is undergoing a new growth by the Spirit, and is ministering around the World via multiple Social Media Platforms.

During these early years, Pastors Bill & Mary founded five Churches, Founded a Christian School with grades Kindergarten through High School, a School of Ministry and developed curriculum for four other Schools of Ministry both in the US and foreign countries.

Pastor Bill has preached the Word and ministered in Churches in most Protestant Denominations, and to Catholic and Jewish groups and Business groups. He has appeared on numerous Christian TV programs, and conducted Seminars, Crusades and Outreaches.

Pastors Bill & Mary have also raised five children who have grown into adults, serving the Lord in different areas and callings. Today they are proud Grandparents to Eleven (at this time), beautiful Grandchildren.

Email Pastor Bill at: [email protected]

Pastor Mary Emmons

For over fifty years, Mary has been a loving Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Teacher of the Word, and a Godly example to her Family, and everyone she meets.

Mary ministers to Women's groups as well as here at CFC, on a rehular basis. Mary also provides Prayer and Counseling to women who reach out to us here at CFC.

For years Mary has ministered under a powerful anointing, being used of God in a variety of areas.

Email Pastor Mary at: [email protected]